Monday, September 20, 2010

What not to wear?

With in the first few minutes of being in Kuwait I noticed the way they dress.

It's traditional and the men wear full length, long-sleeved "robe" that has a collar and buttons in front.  The head dress is either a white square of fabric folded diagonally then held on by a black twisted cord or a red and white checked one. Oh and a pair of Aviator Rayban sunglasses and a cell phone.

The traditional Kuwaiti women wear a black long sleeved, floor length robe over their clothes its called an abaya. All the traditional women wear the Islamic headscarf to cover their hair and neck this is true for even those who do not wear the robe.  Some women also wear the burka, a short veil that covers the entire face except for the eyes. Oh, and a designer bag like Channel or Chloe or Hermes.  I have never seen so many $$$$ hand bags.

Western women do not have to dress this way at all.  They are encouraged as a matter of respect to cover up knees, breast and shoulders when in public places.

My uniform in the states is a pair of tight jeans and a black tank top.  Believe you me, I will not be sporting that around here.  Can you imagine how excited these men get to see a shoulder when they don't even get to see a knee.  Let's just say I am not willing to be stared at like that. EWWWW!

Private clubs are not under this guide line and every one western wears normal skin showing clothes and swimsuits.

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