Saturday, September 25, 2010

Souks and shopping

This weekend I wanted to really see this country we have chosen to make our home.  I wanted to see the real culture of the people who are here....not just the Kuwaitis.  So  Friday (which is our Sat) we went to the Friday market and Lu Lu's.

At market I was looking for a place to connect with the culture and what I found was a huge amount of junk imported from china being sold by Indians  ( the India ones not the American ones) Lots of furniture, bedding and cheap synthetic rugs. I did find at market a lot of Ginnie lamps and some fishing gear..... every one needs that :) Right?

Lu Lu's was a good find,  its their version of a Walmart. I was able to purchase a pair of sunglasses finally and my girl got cotton candy as big as she is tall.  We were both happy.

After that we went down into Kuwait city.  I have never seen so many people in one place. (not even in New York City) oh and personal space is not observed here. eeek!

A friend who is from the Phillipines came with us and took us to a great restaurant where we ate Phillipino food. It was sooo good!  Thanks Ann I'm up for that again soon.

Next we all went down to the Souks.  This is where they sell in an open market all that local stuff I was looking for at the Friday Market.  Perfume oils, traditional clothing, prayer beads, fabric, all kinds of things really.  But boy were we "connected with the culture" I never did see another white or even american person.  None the less, I liked it.  It was dirty and sort of 3rd world ish but in a city with high rises kinda way.  I should add that there are still a few buildings that need to be torn down. They are left over from the war and still bear the signs of un friendly fire.  These are mixed in with brand new western style high rises.  It is unusual to say the least.   At one point my baby girl broke into tears and said she wanted to move back to America,  I guess the earthyness of it all was too much. I think it may be to much for a lot of people. My girl recovered as soon as we found some toys. The Souks were packed and things were selling.  I came home with a few perfume oils but thats all for this trip.  I am thinking that next time I will spare my kid and go during school hours:)

Today we went to a part of town known for bootleg stuff like hand bags, movies, electronics and watches.  I would like to tell you if we purchased any thing or not but If I did I would have to kill you:)  It was a hot and brief trip but now I know where the goods are!

We finished the day with our new friends at a Lebanese restaurant (my fave kind of food)  We sat and ate for like 3 or 4 hours. We talked and they smoked that pipe thing with fruit flavored tobacco.  They even got my hubby to try it.  I took pics to show his mama so she can get on to him for me:)   Any way it was a beautiful end to a great weekend.

Now I'm ready for some upscale shopping and a spa!

 Jennifer in Kuwait

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  1. Ha! Guess every country has crappy flea markets, good to know! I bet after a trip to the Flea Market in Mobile, a little girl from Kuwait might break down crying too.
    Love the blog, keep it up!