Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A FLAT TIRE!!!! Oh wait I mean 3 FLAT tires!

So the kid is in school and signed up for tennis lessons, the hubby is settled at work, now it's time for me!  I decide to take my tired body to a spa for a little pampering.  Hubby gets home from work and I'm off to the Corinche beach club and spa.  I am driving the rental car down Gulf blvd. not really sure how far down the club is, its dark and unusually foggy.  I hit something in the road.  I think it was metal.  A friend calls I ask her for directions, land marks, etc. Got it! Im turning in to the parking lot it is pitch black, I run over one of the many speed bumps in this country, I joke and say I am running over a spike strip.  "Dang it" wrong parking lot.....I turn around and head back onto Gulf blvd. I had missed it by like 15 feet and turned too early.  I then turn into the correct parking lot when I feel like its hard to turn the wheel of the car.  I think "crap" Ive got a flat tire. UGGGG!  I get out of the car and there it is a flat tire!  Well, I am here at the spa, it seems dreadful to let the appointment go to waste..... so I keep it and off to the spa I go.  The flat tire will be there when I'm done:) Right? I know how to change a tire.  Quick call to the hubby and I head in.

Meanwhile the hubby decides to come change the tire while I am having my pedicure.  So Sweet! He is a keeper!  He has a taxi drop him off at the car.  Low and behold there it is the flat tire and 2 more where that came from.  Yeap! 3 flat tires!  All while I'm being pampered at the spa :0

He sends someone in to let me know he is there and then he calls the rental car company for the 24 hour road side service.  The guy who answered speaks very broken English but says " 3 flat tires you fault you pay"  hubby ask for help finding someone to fix the tires he says "you are on our own."  So,  I call him back and ask  again about the 24 hour road side service in our contract I am told "TOO busy with other customers!"  Really  I ask?  Hubby text Ranni the all around man to know at his company so he will know whats going on and maybe he can help tomorrow.

We call a Taxi to take us all home. Then again call the same taxi to drive the baby girl and I to her school the next morning.  Finally I call the rental car company back again.  Hoping to speak to someone in English.   I hear OH MAM WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CALL YOU ALL DAY!  It is 8 am how long could you have been looking for me?  We agree that we will meet at the car so I can hand off the key.  They have decided after a wasta call from the hubbys company who happens to own the rental car company that is would be wise to help me with this tire thing,

Guy shows up looks at the tires shakes his head and puts his hands on his hips.  You call the police?  He ask. Uh no not for a flat tire I say.  He says then that" tire be fixed in 10 minutes" thats a Kuwait 10 minutes this can mean any where from 20 minutes to 24 hours.  Good thing my friend Michelle, the one giving me the directions to the corniche the night be for is there with me and willing to wait around till we figure this out.

1 hour later the tow truck arrives.  They load up the car and we follow them.  Funny. 45 minutes later we arrive at the shop at the company my hubby works for.  Odd I think but OoooKaaay.  We wait again.  It is figured out they are putting on the new tires and they guy says I have to pay 100% because I did not call the police.  WHAT EVER!  I just want this over with.  My hubby comes over to see it all and we decide to go to lunch while it is being taken care of.

We get back from lunch the car is ready.  I want to see the tires and see why they all went flat.  Oops that must not have been a speed bump.  I really did run over a spike strip in a dark parking lot. :/  Very James bond I think.  I even went to the spa and kept my cool.  Just call me Bond, Jennifer Bond.  O.k. so back down to reality James never had to pay for all those cars he destroyed.  I on the other hand must pay.  I go to the clerk.  He says I need a slip from the guy in the shop.  We go and he gives us a slip to get out of the parking lot.  What, who do we pay?  It's done he says.  ???? What? who what where?  sigh... lets get outa here :)  Now I may have a huge bill when I turn this car in or I may be off the hook who knows.  If so who payed?  One thing is for sure I will not be turning into any more dark parking lots.  This is Kuwait! That is for sure!

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