Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things that make ya say hmmm?

The strange and odd things around here

The driving! It's insane and and quite exciting "This will be a whole other post with video"

The women driving in a burka.   You KNOW they can not see, but that's back to the whole other post on driving

The tenderly way men. teen age boys and young boys will hold hands with each other and kiss each other on the cheek (straight men!)  I have superb gaydar! They are not gay!   They do this walking down the street, in the mall, at the market.... 

Homosexuality is Illegal here.

It is Illegal for and unmarried man and woman to live together.

It is Illegal for an unmarried man and woman to embrace in public

Many Kuwaiti men and women socialize separately.  Seriously same house same party but NOT in the same room.

Its is Rude and offensive to ask a Kuwaiti man about his wife and or kids. 

If a Kuwaiti man ask you to partake in refreshments in his home you must not refuse. If you do refuse?  Again this is considered most rude and offensive.  He may not invite you again to his home.

The wasta system.  This is a favor system kinda like a checking account and once someone does something for you they can call the favor back at any time or place and you have to repay with whatever favor they ask.  If you do not return it at that exact time..... it is seriously social suicide!  

Social status here is every thing! The more favors you do for people the more collateral you have over them. If you don't know someone who knows some one you can forget getting even the smallest things done in this country...... this is how the wastas get started. 

If someone does a wasta for you and they will. You can not instantly repay him for it you must wait for him to let you know when and what he wants in return.  Having said that, bribes are considered a standard way to get things done.  If you want an appointment bring chocolates to the one making them etc....

I figure the wasta thing is like any other checking account you want to stay in the black.  

A couple of negative odd things

Children and some adults do not stand in line and take turns....they will jump in front of who ever when ever they want.  This can be at the grocery it can be at an amusement park the bath room where ever.....This does not work for me (another post) I am known to show how that is done and stand up to any of them who cross me that way.  " I have seen some of them even encourage their children to do this"

They have a Class system with Kuwaiti's at the top.  Westerners next and then it just goes down from there.  Some do not treat other nationality's with the same respect as other Kuwaiti's.  "look for an additional blog on this"

Alcohol is Illegal in the whole country.  "not a big deal for me but for some its crazy"

There is much more so this post will be continued........

*This is my point of view as of today.  Please remember I have been here for less than a month.  If my point of view changes I will post it.

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