Sunday, September 19, 2010

We landed

We are here!  Its Midnight in Kuwait and I have not slept for 28 hours. I am so jet lagged I can't see straight.  The first thing I thought when I stepped off the plane is "What have I done" and "shit! Where is my hand bag?"  Yes. I left it on the plane with my pass ports and $2000 in cash.  I told Paul and ran back to the gate.  Got there only to find I can not re enter the plane.  A man at the gate went back for me and 10 minutes later came back with the bag.  Thank God!  Every thing was there.

We are met by two girls who take us to security and then to show our paper work for the 2 dogs we have with us.  A 5 lb Chihuahua named Mini and a 3 lb one named Chloe. This is the occasion we worked for 2 weeks getting all the right shots and documents lined up so we can bring 8 lbs of dog to Kuwait.  I have all the right paperwork and the guy in charge asked me "are they alive?" I say yes but I'm thinking "No dummy' I just brought 2 dead dogs on a 20 something hour flight!" then he just waves me through.  Really? Thats it!  All that prep and shots and vet visits and all he wants to know is if they are alive.

Next we head to the line to get our visas.  This takes about 30 minutes. As we are sitting there I'm looking around at all the other people entering Kuwait and I wish I had my "Please be my friend" cards then I realize I have no Kuwait phone number to give them any way.  Now its off to pick up our luggage 6 bags 50lbs each and 1 gate checked bag.  We find them all except the gate checked one so it's off to another line where we wait to fill out a missing luggage request.  30 minutes later we are finally done.

So we are in Kuwait! Visas in hand!  Rannie a Algahnim employee meets us at the airport and drives us to the temp company provided apartment.  We are so gross from traveling I put Ava my 7 year old in the tub and hop in the shower with Paul.  It's a much smaller shower than we are use to and he is not a small guy.  As we are trading places so I can rinse off I slip and fall right out of the shower onto the floor.....Welcome to Kuwait!

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